Stuart Florida and Why It’s the Best Place to Live

Stuart Florida and Why It’s the Best Place to Live

Perfectly nestled along the famous Treasure Coast, Stuart is known as one of the best places to live within the whole sunshine state. As the “Sailfish Capital of the World” Stuart is a boater’s paradise. The St. Lucie River borders 3 sides of Stuart, creating a peninsula town, and residents can easily access the Atlantic via the Saint Lucie Inlet.  

Why People Love Stuart

  • Stuart Florida and Why It’s the Best Place to LiveDowntown – The historic downtown district of Stuart is famed by both locals as well as tourists, highly pedestrian friendly, you’ll find yourself wandering the streets, popping in small shops and enjoying delicious cuisine at one of the many local restaurants including a local favorite, Stuart Boathouse, featuring delicious freshly caught seafood and boasting stunning waterfront views and even live music. 
  • Transportation – Traveling to and from Stuart is a breeze. While you’ll seldom find yourself wanting to leave the city’s limits, Highway 1, 714/SE Monterey Rd, and SE Dixie Highway allow you to easily travel to and from the city, providing travel in all directions.  
  • Boater’s Paradise – You’ll often see large sailboats enjoying a cruise along the St Lucie River, yachts enjoying a leisurely brunch on the water, and with the Atlantic Ocean only a few moments away, fishing is a common hobby among many Stuart locals.  
  • Outdoor Recreation – Head over to the Seabranch Preserve State Park where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along many winding while enjoying views of the local wildlife, in addition, the park also boasts a stunning butterfly garden, camping, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving and so much more, ensuring that no matter your skill level, all adventurers are sure to love the park.  

Stuart Florida Home Styles

There are primarily three different styles of homes within Stuart including Key West, Mediterranean, and British West Indies. Here are a few characteristics of each home style: 

  • Key West – Key west homes will generally boast a large front porch and oversized windows. The ample windows were incorporated in these homes to help with air flow, as many homes in this style were built prior to A.C being readily available. While most homes have since upgraded to include A.C, the large windows allow for great curb appeal and a perfect morning or evening breeze. Additionally, these homes are nearly always built with a metal roof, making for a soothing sound during a rainstorm and ensuring that your roofing can withstand the rain, sun, and even harsh weather such as hurricanes.  
  • Mediterranean – Another popular style both within Stuart as well as many other Florida communities is a Mediterranean inspired home. These homes will have tiled roofs and often feature multiple archways, doorways, and wrought iron finishes. Wrought iron window coverings as well as screen doors are also frequently seen in this housing stile. Inside you can find tile flooring, exposed wood finishes and beams and you’ll often have light tan or terracotta colors both inside and outside the home.  
  • British West Indies – Built to withstand hurricanes, this home style will often feature smaller windows equipped with impact glass as well as hurricane shutters. The high contrast in colors, from dark accents and finishes to light painted exteriors, pairs nicely with the tiled or shingled roofing. While you won’t find a porch in this home style, the shutters and high contrast in colors have made this style extremely popular for those seeking high curb appeal. 

If you’re currently searching for a new home in Stuart Florida, or any of the nearby communities, or are looking for an experienced seller’s agent in the local market, please feel free to contact our office at any time. 

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